Speciality Products

Complementary Food

Local honey, Amish made Salsa, Jam, Jellies, Butters, Noodles, and Barbecue Sauce. Fresh made baked goods, locally made sausage, bacon, beef jerky and smokies.

Bottled water, old fashioned style soda pop, candy, eggs and much more! Stop in and see all our goodies!
Fall Specialty Products

Pumpkins, Gourds, Indian Corn, Broom Corn, Corn Stalks, Straw Bales, Pie Pumpkins, Miniature Pumpkins, Strawberry Corn, Turks Turbans and other fall decorating items.

Hartzler’s Milk and Butter roll butter

While milk may seem to be a simple matter, there’s actually quite a bit most people don’t know – especially why some milk is healthier for you than others. It’s the mission of Hartzler Family Dairy to educate you about milk, and why you can trust them to provide the healthiest, safest and tastiest milk around.

It comes down to the method of processing, which starts before the cows are ever milked! They believe in doing things the way nature intended, so the cows are artificial hormone-free, and they rely as little as possible on mechanical processing. So what does this mean to you? Plenty…

The health benefits of drinking Hartzler milk make it the smart choice for you and your family: