Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties
Come and celebrate your child’s birthday at Beriswill farm, in a fun, family atmosphere! If you are looking for an open space great for family celebrations, our maze, play area, North Barn, and Fire-rings are perfect for you! Party plans are available from September 16 thru October 29.



Party packages, prices & what is included


Sprout party package

Kernel party package

Down on the Farm package

15 play only admissions, barn

15 maze admissions, barn

15 maze admissions, Fire ring

Length of party

3 hours

3 hours

3 hours

# of guests with maze tickets (children and adult tickets, includes host)




Full Admission




Play only Admission (no maze)




Meal (Hot dog or Hamburger, Chips, Beverage)



Private area in Barn (Barn will hold up to 3 groups, depending on group size;  Tent, if other parties are in attendance.)




Fire Ring and Table – Fire made for you, extra wood







Additional attendees / tickets




Note – admission counts for those who want to challenge the corn maze, or play on the many games

All Parties will include:
• A section of our barn or your own tent reserved for 3 hours
• 15 children participating in either the full maze or the play-only area
• Food choices are optional add-ons, or you may bring your own food
• Visit the animal barn and play yards

We suggest you book a few weeks in advance, in order to celebrate your party on the farm.

How do I schedule a party?
Call us at the market, at 330-350-2486 to set up date/time and make any other plans.

What if it rains?
The corn maze is generally an outdoor activity, though you will be undercover in the barn or tent. The activities are available if the rain is not too strong, but it could be muddy.
If you would like to cancel, please give us a call the day before your party.

What can we bring for food?
You can certainly bring a cake and food from home, for your guests. Don’t forget candles.
We have electric in the barn.
No alcohol is permitted on our farm.

Is a host included?
Everything you will need for your activity will be out and ready for you to use. Our maze staff will be close by in case you need help, but no staff member is assigned to “entertain” during your party.

What is included in the barn?
We have tables and chairs and will have them set up for the number of people in your party. Garbage cans will be made available for you to use. There are portable restrooms and a baby-changing station available to the public. We will provide paper products for any food we provide. You may unload your vehicle near the barn, though it will have to be moved to our general parking area for the party time.

What is included in the tents or fire-rings?
The fire will be started prior to your party. We have picnic tables and will have them set up for the number of people in your party. Garbage bags will be made available for you to use and will be collected after your party. There are portable restrooms and a baby-changing station available to the public in the maze area. There is parking in the vicinity of the fire-rings, so it is convenient for any supplies you bring.

Are there any decorations in the barn?
We understand that you might have a special theme in mind for your party. You can bring your own decorations. Here is what is permitted; tablecloths, balloons, streamers and other small themed decorations. Remember it is your responsibility to clean up at the end of your party. Thank you for your cooperation.
What if I want to have another type of event?
See our information about group events.

Don’t Forget….
• Generally you could arrive 15 – 30 minutes ahead of your party time to bring in items for your party, but we may need to restrict the time afterwards if there are other parties planned..
• If you are providing your own food, it is your responsibility to bring the plates, napkins, utensils, etc. to serve your food.
• Remember candles for the cake.
• Remember to bring your camera to take pictures of these special moments.
• Remember to tell your guests to dress appropriately for a farm party. Also, don’t forget to look at the weather channel to dress accordingly.